Pipe Insulation tape Lagging 50mm x 3mm x 15M CLASS0 ADHESIVE

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RefriTech® Pipe Insulation Lagging Tape 50mm x 3mm x 15m Class O

  • Insulation Tape Length: 15 metres
  • Insulation Tape Width: 50 mm
  • Insulation Tape Thickness: 3 mm
  • Made from Class O foam nitrile rubber, this tape is suitable for use with all Class O Insulation products.

    The RefriTech range of thermal insulation materials is specifically designed to meet the challenges posed by modern mechanical services.

    Class O RefriTech is the flexible, closed cell, elastomeric, nitrile rubber insulation that offers reliable protection against condensation and effectively prevents energy loss.

    Class O RefriTech is dust free, fibre free and CFC free with an ODP of zero. Its inherent attributes and combination of properties make RefriTech a highly efficient method of insulating hot and cold water services, chilled water lines, heating systems, air conditioning ductwork and refrigerated pipework for condensation control, energy conservation and frost protection.

    The Competitive Advantage of Specifying Class O Pipe Insulation:

    • Quick to install
    • Built-in anti-microbial protection reduces mould and bacteria growth 
    • The built-in vapour barrier prevents condensation 
    • Reduces energy losses by up to 87% 
    • Lightweight and flexible, quick and easy installation with low maintenance requirements, resulting in time and cost savings 
    • Excellent resistance to the effects of ozone, oil and chemicals

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