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Hitachi Performance R32 features:

Performance and discretion

One of the smallest units on the market at only 780mm wide, designed to control your environment without being noticed.

High performance and climate friendly R32 refrigerant keeps your home comfortable whilst looking after the environment.

Frost Wash: air like never before

A revolutionary new self-cleaning technology so you can now depend on a cleaner, fresher unit all year around. This unique, patented technology eliminates mould, dust and bacteria that has built up on the heat exchanger's surface by trapping and freezing these particles in ice, which melts and is then flushed out safely.

Sustainable R32 refrigerant
High seasonal performance SEER A+++ 8.50 and SCOP A++ 4.90, fully ErP compliant
Human Sensor Adapts the operation of the unit according to the presence or not of people in the room
Dry contact available
Can be locked into heating only
Slim, stylish monobloc chassis blends into any interior
Auto-diagnosis function
Horizontal & Vertical Auto-swing 4 Way Swing keeps the temperature of the room constant by combining vertical & horizontal airflow for added end user comfort
Compact Unit: 780 mm wide across the range
High heating capacity down to -7ºC
Infra-red remote control

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