Dixell X-Cool XR02CX-5N0C1 Controller 20A 1 x NTC 230v Digital thermostat

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Housing: self extinguishing ABS.
Mounting: panel mounting in a 71x29mm
panel cut-out
Protection: IP20; Frontal protection: IP65
Power absorption: 3.5 VA max
Display: 2 digits, red LED, 14,2 mm high;
Inputs: 1 NTC.
Digital input: free voltage contact
Relay outputs: compressor SPST 20(8)A
250Vac or 8(3) A 250Vac;
Operating temperature: 0÷60 °C; Storage
temperature: -25÷60 °C.

The X-Cool, format 32 x 74 x 50 mm is a digital
thermostat with off cycle defrost designed for
refrigeration applications at normal temperature. It provides a relay output to drive the compressor.
It is also equipped with up to 2 NTC probe input and one configurable digital input. The instrument is fully configurable through special
parameters that can be easily programmed
through the keyboard or the by HOTKEY.

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