Copper Pipe Flexible Insulation Coil Pipe Lagging


Size: 2m x 9mm wall -1/4"

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Copper Pipe Flexible Insulation Foam Hose - Pipe Lagging

Built-in anti-microbial protection reduces mould and bacteria growth.
Good resistance to the effects of the ozone layer, oil and chemicals.
Built in vapour barrier prevents condensation.
Helps reduce energy loss by upto 87%.
Lightweight and flexible.
Quick and easy installation with low maintenance requirements.
Withstands temperatures between -40°C to 105°C

2m x 9mm wall -1/4"
2m x 9mm wall - 3/8"
2m x 9mm wall - 1/2"
2m x 9mm wall - 5/8"
2m x 13mm wall - 3/4"
2m x 13mm wall - 7/8"
5m x 9mm wall -1/4"
5m x 9mm wall - 3/8"
5m x 9mm wall - 1/2"
5m x 9mm wall - 5/8"
5m x 13mm wall - 3/4"
5m x 13mm wall - 7/8"
15m x 9mm wall -1/4"
15m x 9mm wall - 3/8"
15m x 9mm wall - 1/2"
15m x 9mm wall - 5/8"
15m x 13mm wall - 3/4"
15m x 13mm wall - 7/8"

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