Commercial Refrigeration Fan Blade SUCTION FAN

RefriTech LtdSKU: FM-75

Select: Ø154mm - 28°

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Technical specifications:

Conventional technology - can be replaced easily

Compatible with a range of accessories containing various impeller diameters, wall rings and mounting brackets (purchased separately)
IP54 protection rated


Dimensions available: 

FM-75 Blade SUCTION FAN Ø154mm - 28°
FM-76 Blade SUCTION FAN Ø172mm - 28°
FM-77 Blade SUCTION FAN Ø200mm - 28°
FM-78 Blade SUCTION FAN Ø230mm - 28°
FM-79 Blade SUCTION FAN Ø254mm - 28°
FM-80 Blade SUCTION FAN Ø200mm 22°
FM-81 Blade SUCTION FAN Ø300mm 28°
FM-82 Blade SUCTION FAN Ø254mm 22°

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