70% alcohol Hand Sanitizer 500 ml


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The products are  made under the required regulations. All of the raw materials we use are brought from licensed companies and suppliers and according to the licenses we hold. The bottles we use in the production of our product are all food grade PET recyclable bottles.

The chemicals used in the hand sanitiser are all safe and have no side effects at the concentrations used. The alcohol content used in our product is very high and may cause some minor irritation to consumers suffering from asthma if inhaled directly after product application.

Daily use of hand sanitiser

Due to large fears of contracting viruses during a pandemic, consumers tend to use large amounts of alcohol based gels and liquids on a daily bases. This is especially true for nurses and doctors currently working very hard, they consume large amounts of hand sanitiser. The constant use of alcohol on skin can lead to side effects, especially for those with sensitive skin.

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