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Solutions for civil and industrial refrigeration

Mariel offers a wide range of products for industrial civil refrigeration systems in addition to tools for installation and maintenance.

Solutions for A/C Automotive

Mariel offers a dedicated range of chemical products and equipment for air conditioning systems with diagnostic and maintenance products.

Mariel: Refrigeration and Air conditioning since 1975

Italian Company that ranks among the leading European companies for the distribution of refrigerant gases. Mariel with partners abroad (in Brazil and Tunisia), and rests on solid foundations, Arrives now also in UK. from which it draws the propulsive thrust towards the future and growth. The catalogue, which includes several brands, offers equipment, chemicals products, technical solutions and consultancy, loose gas and in cylinder for industries and companies operating in the world of refrigeration and civil, industrial and automotive conditioning.

Refrigeration and Air conditioning

The business solutions offered by Mariel in the sector of refrigeration and air conditioning include a variety of products and accessories.

Our range for the air conditioning and refrigeration world ranges from the sale of refrigerant gases (also new-generation flammable gases such as R600a, R32, R290 and R1234yf) and technical/food gases (such as CO2, Argon, Nitrogen) in cylinders of various sizes to the offer of chemical products for maintenance (oils, glycol, UV dyes, leak stop), washing (Flush) and the sanitation (Sanet, Climafresh) of the refrigeration and conditioning systems. Moreover, Mariel is the designer of IdeaTronic diagnostic, recharging and vacuum system, which contains, in a practical and portable case, a versatile and functional tool for recharging and diagnosing refrigeration system.

Many brands under the Mariel

Mariel is not only Mariel. In 1988, Nevada Refrigerants was born: a quality brand, requested all over the world, which still today distinguishes the refrigerant gases in the Mariel catalogue. There are many brands born within this company: IdeaTronic, A/C Flush, RevoPro, Sanet, TurboMap, Watergas, XFinder. All names of products designed for companies and professionals in the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector who, every day, find the solutions and answers they are looking for in the Mariel catalogues.


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