Oxyturbo Turbo Set 90 lead welding & lead burning kit SOLDERING STATION 3000°C

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Very lightweight kit. Its practical handle and cylinder locking device ensure transportability anywhere. These details make it a useful welding kit for refrigerator technicians, goldsmiths and demanding hobbyists.


1 L 110 bar OXYGEN cylinder
MAXY GAS cartridge
MIGNON oxygen reducer, without pressure gauge, and gas tap, with dual-protection flashback arrestor valves
2 m hoses with connections
Handle with adjusting taps and no-return integrated oxygen and gas valves
80 L lance and tip (tip in two components)
4-tip single block star 63-100-160-225 L for small precision welding
Protective goggles
Multi-purpose wrench
Filler metal with de-oxidant
Oxyturbo Turbo Set 90 Lead Welding & Lead Burning Kit

The Oxyturbo Turbo 90 Kit is a compact, powerful kit primarily designed for lead welding and allows the end user to make professional welding.

This kit is also suitable for small hydraulics, air conditioning and refrigeration works. The Oxyturbo 90 Kit lets anyone obtain professional quality welding (obviously this takes training & practice. Like all tools, the results depend on the skill of the user!), and is ideal for lead soldering, plumbing, air conditioning and refrigeration system repairs amongst many other work & hobby applications.
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